The light multifunctional bag is the perfect companion of a modern creative personality.
Connect all the elements to fit in larger items or remove part of a bag to be worn as a clutch to a party or a formal event. The large bag functions separately as a cross-body computer pouch, or, when readjucted – as a backpack.
When the two bags are connected the design is united firmly with leather straps through the front panel of the large and the back of the smaller part of the bag.

Leather Bag Urban Multi

  • Details

    Bigger bag 40 X 30 cm,smaller bag 22,5 X 31,5 cm detachable shoulder/backpack strap length 120 cm , 4 pockets .

    Materials: Genuine leather, black metal D-rings, textile cardboard, waterproof zippers, custom-printed lining.

    Take care: Wax smooth parts often with permanent beeswax.