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Pink Mint
An urbanistic and chic collection. It is a fresh and sweet story about pink flowers, marshmallows and cream.
The collection "Nordica" is inspired by autumn nights and the Nordic starry sky, which in its bitter autumn seems wonderful, powerful and powerfully like a woman who is smart, bold and free in her choices.
The vision of Enigma is to be your colourful companion of the cold autumn and winter months. It is inspired by the rhythm of geometrical patterns, modern architecture and cyphered messages. Collection allures its wearer with special leathers and with exciting details. Collection is created from two different press-patterned cowhides.
Collection of small accessories that is inspired by the golden colors of late autumn. When greenery is disappearing and arrives the time of golden and silver tones in its total peace and glory.
Collection muse was remarkable brown leather with gorgeous pattern. So dark and fulsome like expensive Burgundy wine. Surface with delicate soft pattern , that smells like beeswax, however restrained and special, limited amount.
Color Mix
First Andron collection series, it started with the game of colorful leathers and geometrical shapes. Inspiration came from retro architecture and bright excellent premium leathers.
Collection inspiration comes from Nordic luxury of simplicity. Inspired by minimalistic national colors of Estonia. Blue- color of faith, hope and loyalty. Black- color of black soil and plowed field. White- color of snow, warm summer nights and white birch bark.
Color Impact
The collection was inspired by the Terra Tachylon theory. The theory talks about the energy of color tones, the meaning of color, what chakras they can open in our bodyes and how colors affect us in our every day lives, such why we feel good with certain color tones and why we don't want some colors close to us.
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